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I am a 3rd generation flooring professional with an extensive installation background and tons of product knowledge. My grandfather started his flooring business in 1947 before cameras where important. This shot is from 1957.

Bone Floors in the 50's

My father began in the business in the late 50's when I was born and early 1960's when my 2 brothers where born and the store became G.S. Bone and sons. My Brother Jimmy is helping me built out this website as we speak. We are truly a small family store. Although my other brother Robert is now in North Carolina building homes and large retail projects.

Bone and sons flooring in the 60's

They were growing all by word of mouth and fair honest deals with the highest quality craftsmanship where most all the installations where done by my uncle GV.

Grandpa George Bone and his brother John Bone, circa 1968

Bone Floors back in the 80's when my dad was running the entire store with the help of Mary and my cousin Ed and I where handling the installations.

That is when I had the itch to leave the small town of Hemet and moved to San Diego in 1984. In one day I picked up an apartment in Oceanside and a job at Mr Carpets and started working in San Marcos the following Monday. Since then I have worked for several large stores including Carpet Club, Coles Fine Flooring, 9 years in sales and management at Mitchell's and over the past 10 years was largely responsible for growing my part of a partnership driving sales to a company and growing it by over 450% by using the same referral based attraction marketing business model.

What I learned is that this business is built on relationships so I built relationships with many manufactures reps and great installers over the past the 30 years. I now have some Designers, Realtors and contractors that have worked with me and referred their clients to me for over 20 years. Most have already committed to working with me as I go back to my family roots and finally build my own business San Diego Flooring Pros, Inc.

I look forward bringing my experience to your door to assist you with your next flooring project.




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