Installation Guidelines and FAQ’s 

We do everything we can to hire the highest quality conscientious crews in San Diego and here is what you should expect from us and some of the expectations that we are counting on from you to make the installation process as smooth as possible:

When will you start work?

Your installation has been set to a specific date to the best of our ability, but sometimes things come up in shipping, weather, icy roads, warehousing, flat tires, etc. and are no way binding on us. Please be lenient if this occurs. Also, due to some of those same variables, we cannot guarantee specific start times, but we have a very good track record of starting on the day we set and time which is usually 8 – 9 am.  Until 5 pm unless otherwise stated. 

How long will the job last?  

Well that is a tough question. Smaller carpet jobs can be one day to a few days for larger jobs. Smaller hardwood, vinyl plank, laminate jobs can be 2 days to several weeks for larger jobs, all depending on the scope of removal, floor prep, furniture, stair work, etc. 

We are pretty accurate and will typically give you the best estimated day of completion but due to many variables, in no way is a date binding on us. If you have a specific or tight timeline we will do everything we can to accommodate that date as long as you have clearly communicated such needs in advance. 

How much work space will you need?

Once we arrive we will need to have access to a clean working area if possible for material staging, our equipment, cutting materials etc. A clean 2 car garage and or driveway are ideal, but not required. Our installation crews are instructed to complete installations promptly, typically once we start your project, we stay however many days it takes to complete the work to your highest expectations.

Will you be using our power?

We will assume that we can use your power for our electrical tools and power saws.  If you have an empty apartment or office and the power is turned off we will need access to another unit. If not please advise us prior to our arrival so we can secure a power generator. Sanding and refinishing equipment will always require access to your 220 outlets.

What if you damage our home?

We take every precaution, but this is construction and we cannot be responsible for  unavoidable vibrations, minor marks and small scratches which can be expected on walls, trim and especially newly painted baseboards during any construction type project. 

Can you move our furniture?

If you have a furnished home we will typically move items that require 2 people to move. We ask that you assist us by removing and securing all breakables, valuables, all bedding, antiques, artwork, electronics, lamps, photos and personal items in the days prior to our arrival. The bottom of closets and typically any hanging clothing on the lower rows should be cleared. 

Our installers will do their best to avoid damaging items they move for a reasonable cost and cannot take responsibility for any damaged or broken items. 

For the safety of our crews, we do not move large pianos, grandfather clocks or pool tables. We can gladly recommend a professional mover if requested.

Can you move our Appliances?

Stoves, dishwashers, washers, dryers, refrigerators, ice makers, toilets, etc may require professional assistance. Our crews can typically disconnect these appliances; however, please understand that when connections are disconnected, many times it may not reseal and in some cases may even leak and cannot be stopped when disconnecting them. 

Should this happen, San Diego Flooring Pros or our contractors are not licensed plumbers and will not be responsible for their replacement or any water damage incurred. Therefore, they cannot reconnect any water or gas lines. We will gladly recommend a licensed plumber. You will be billed directly by those companies, unfortunately we are not allowed to give an estimate for their services. 

Will the installation create dust in my home? 

The short answer is YES.

You should expect dust to be created during any installation process. In most cases the removal of existing flooring can be the start of the dust and it is unavoidable from there. If dust is a concern during a carpet installation we suggest not being home during the process. You should expect to have some clean up on your own. 

Hard surface flooring removal and installation projects will get standard dust containment meaning kitchen cabinets, wall coverings, some light fixtures, vents, etc will be covered in plastic wrap by our crews. We make every effort to use hepa filter attached vacuum equipment and dust containment is done to the best of our ability. Unfortunately the installation process creates fine dust and YOU WILL STILL HAVE DUST that somehow finds a way out. We will do a standard wipe down of your home, but you should expect to do some cleaning on your own. If you need a professional cleaner please ask.

Will we need to change doors and or trim molding?

Some doors may need to be trimmed to accommodate your new flooring. Some door casing may need to be replaced or repaired if the new flooring is not the same height as your older flooring. We have been seeing this more with the new thinner vinyl plank flooring.

How much floor preparation can I expect to pay for?  

All flooring has a manufacturers recommended procedure for smoothing or leveling the subfloor prior to installation. If your floor has an existing flooring it is impossible to estimate the dollar amount due to various conditions that are not suitable for your new flooring, that may not be visible. We typically create an estimated amount in our proposal based on an average and many years of experience. 

We cannot be responsible for bad concrete, loose or squeaky floors, uneven subflooring, termite damage, etc. If the amount looks to be considerably higher than our estimate we will inform you as soon as we can determine another approximate amount. We are not looking to make money on floor preparation, our goal is to achieve the highest quality installation and to secure your warranty with the manufacturer so you can enjoy your flooring for many years to come. 

Poor quality floor preparation will always result in poor performance. 

Will the seams show in my carpet? 

This is the age old question that I have been hearing for the past 40 years. I was a professional carpet installer working for my father’s business back in 1980 and I did everything I could to make seams disappear to make him proud of my work. 

Over the years there have been a couple of advancements in seaming technology but we are mainly putting 2 pieces of fabric together and expecting it to be one. Have you ever looked at the seams on your sofa, towel, shirt or dress? Do those show? Probably. They either have additional thread or glue holding them together. In our case we have a wide heavy bead of glue on the backing that sits on top of your padding to secure two heavy pieces of carpet together and is almost impossible to hide. 

That being said, we will do everything we can to make them less visible! We have a couple of the best guys in San Diego and I can assure you they do great work or they would not be working for an old pro like me. 

What about my animals?

I love all animals and have always had at least one dog, which is why I really want them to be safe.   I have seen them step on a knife, walk through wet glue, eat wet glue, eat blue tape and worst of all wander into the street. Please secure them from the installation area. San Diego Flooring Pros and or our contractors cannot be responsible for your pets safety.

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