carpet stairs del mar after

Stairs and Bedroom Carpet Replacement in Del Mar

This carpet is for an architect who was looking to replace their carpet on this amazing circular spiral staircase. He had the metal frame custom made to accommodate the space and the first person to install the carpet did a really good job so the pressure was on to replace it with a quality competent installer. 

We needed to remove the actual tread by unbolting it from the frame and custom wrap each step individually. And of course he had two of these so we had 28 steps to do. He purchased a commercial carpet to replace it with a durable product that could also be used in the high traffic areas of the upper bedroom hall and closet. 

After we spent hours removing the existing carpet and staples we had a look at how the product would line up straight with the existing edge on the sides so this had to be a really technical installation but Barry was up for the challenge and did a great job. 

He also enjoyed the amazing view while working on this unique carpeted staircase in Del Mar.