New Vinyl Plank Flooring

Coretec Vinyl Plank Flooring Near 4S Ranch

Beth was looking to remove all the old outdated carpet in her bedrooms and stairs. She found out about our company through Facebook so be sure to log on and like our page so that you can keep up with our latest projects. 

Her downstairs areas had a mix of different tiles and carpet. During our conversation with her, she decided to create a more open feel to the space and settled on using Coretec Vinyl Plank flooring in her home near 4S Ranch.

Coretec Pro Pus Wellington Oak 

We get numerous questions from our clients regarding the details when it comes to using this type of flooring. The plank is 6 ft in length and has a width of 7″ which gives the room a stylish appearance while maintaining exceptional durability in these high traffic areas. 

Beth’s husband also decided to update the baseboard to the entire downstairs area to this elegant colonial style. 

They had the opportunity to stay in a beach rental for a week which worked out perfectly because they were able to miss all the jack hammering and grinding that was required to remove all of the tile and ¾” of thinset.